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Meet Our Team

TrustTexas Bank offers a highly personalized, direct banking approach. Our Loan Officers will take the time to thoroughly understand your financial needs. Our team can provide the funding you need to help you or your business grow and prosper.

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Cuero Branch

Christi Cornel

Senior Vice President - Cuero Regional Lender
NMLS ID# 518235
361-275-2345 x 4473
361-277-9745 Fax

Ashley McDonald

Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 2404113
361-275-2345 x 4504
361-277-9745 Fax

Sam Houston Branch

Larry Lahodny

Senior Vice President - Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 518241
361-572-9900 x 9425
361-572-9905 Fax

Jared Bittlebrun

Senior Vice President – Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 1203161
361-572-9900 x 9422
361-572-9905 Fax

Lauren Smalley

Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 2410545
361-572-9900 x 9420
361-572-9905 Fax

Kyle Branch

Kyle Suer

Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 1857750
512-268-3732 x 4120
512-268-3782 Fax

Tracy Coccia

Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 1773016
512-268-3732 x 4109
512-268-3782 Fax

New Braunfels Branch

Kathryn deBerjeois

Senior Vice President - Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 298235
830-626-3712 x 2011
830-626-5500 Fax

Heather McFarlane

Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 606470
830-626-3712 x 2014
830-626-5500 Fax

Hutto Loan Production Office

Sean D. Garcia

Vice President - Loan Officer
NMLS ID# 1748787
737-327-7020 x 7017
737-327-7022 Fax


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