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Financial Literacy

Community banks are unique in the world of financial institutions. Nowhere is the community bank difference more vivid than in the diverse ways they reach out to millions Americans who seek basic financial services to realize their dreams.


At TrustTexas Bank, we are dedicated to educating our customers. Visit our MoneyiQ Center – It is full of the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about how you spend, save and invest your money. Whether you are looking for information on banking topics, cybersecurity, or how to protect yourself from identity theft, you’re sure you find something useful in the MoneyiQ Center.

Financial Literacy Resources

Below are examples of websites to help with all levels of Financial Literacy needs.

Money Smart (FDIC)

Building Wealth (Federal Reserve)

Personal Finance Resources (ABA)


Jump$tart’s Reality Check


Money Management Resources

Below are printable tools for you to use to manage your personal finances.

 Eight Simple Steps for
Balancing Your Checkbook
 Create an Effective
Personal Budget
 Personal Budget
Planner Spreadsheet
Debt Reduction
 Seven Steps to
Better Money Management
 Effective Strategies
for Saving
 Money Management


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