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Business Bill Pay

TrustTexas Bank is now offering Business Bill Pay!

Business Bill Pay is essential for small business success. Business Bill Pay gives you more control over organizing, scheduling, paying and even receiving your bills from one convenient location. Take control now and put more time back in your day.

Business Bill Pay Features:

  • Pay bills directly from your Business Online Banking account—no more writing checks or payments getting lost in the mail
  • Pay all your bills in one place with one password
  • Ease of use – just click who to pay, enter a few bill details and select a payment date
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments in advance
  • Receive your bills electronically with eBill

Business Bill Pay is offered as a free service with Business Online Banking. If your business is interested in Business Bill Pay, simply call us to enroll.

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 If you need assistance or have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-342-0679 during regular banking hours. We are ready to help!


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