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New Generation Savings

An interest bearing, statement savings account to assist the customer in building a "nest egg".

Account Features

  • Minimum initial balance to open: $100.00
  • Minimum daily balance to earn interest: $100.00
  • Minimum average daily balance to avoid a minimum balance fee: $100.00
  • Minimum balance fee per month on average daily balances below $100.00: $5.00
  • Statements are issued on a quarterly or monthly statement cycle, as required by regulations.
  • Transfers from a savings account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, Internet, Phone Bank, ACH debit, wire transfers, or point of sale (POS) are limited to six per month.
  • All withdrawals/debits, regardless of type, in excess of three per calendar month are subject to an excess debit fee of $1.00 each.

Other Account Fees:

Chargeback Fee $3.00
Stop Payment Fee $29.00
Overdraft Fee $29.00
Returned Item Fee $29.00

For Current Rates, Fee Schedules, and more information, please call TrustTexas Bank at 1-800-342-0679.

Your interest rate and annual percentage yield ("A.P.Y.") may change in accordance with the terms of the particular type of account. At our discretion, we may change the rate of interest on your account at any time without prior notification.


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